Transporting a Body Out of State or Out of the Country

When a family chooses to have their Loved One relocated to another state or country for burial after the death has occurred locally, the cost is not quite as exorbitant as some would think.

Because we are so close to the border of Mexico, we handle a fair number of services for families that transport their Loved Ones to Mexico either by themselves or via the airlines. We also sent a woman to her family on a remote island of the Philippines. The only difficulty we’ve had in transporting bodies was to communist countries like Cuba or China. The paperwork is extensive because all must be approved by the country and our U.S. Consulate and all the paperwork must be translated into both languages.

However, when the body is transported across state lines, there is minimal amount of paperwork and the costs incurred are for transporting the body via the airlines. Usually the cost is less than $600. I know some family members who travel with bereavement fares across the country for almost the same price. If, on the other hand, there is involvement by another funeral home for additional services like a Viewing, Mass or Church Service, the costs could double. If only the cemetery is involved, the cost is minimal compared to burying a person locally.

Remember, too, that some funeral insurance policies have additional funds available for death that occurs away from home.  This cost is an allowance for shipping human remains from the point of death to the home location.  So don’t just choose cremation when your Loved One dies because you THINK the cost to transport a body is expensive. Contact your local funeral home and review your options.


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