Video portrayal of embalming & cremation

There were short videos on YouTube of both embalming and cremation processes that I reviewed.  Since their depiction was accurate, I decided to link them here for your preview.  If you are offended by either process, please do NOT open the link.  They are not offensive but many of the videos posted with them are–I am always amazed at how disrespectful we can be towards the human body.  There are so many people fascinated with our profession because of the fact that we deal with dead bodies.   I wish that we could get past this because I see the lives affected by death.

The videos were presented on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel so they are not new.  I found the videos to be very accurate in their descriptions.  One is a simulation of the embalming process and the other two describe the process of cremation.  The embalming video was presented by the History channel and briefly describes Embalming:

For the cremation process, the music was very inappropriate (kind of creepy) but the material was so well described, I would still recommend it in spite of the background music:

Part 2:

Any questions or comments?  Please post.


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